CQC will speak with your Care Staff

Are they ready?

Introducing our exciting video course Care Staff Confidence:
How to speak to a CQC inspector.

Our module based video course is in three sections:

1. Understanding the new CQC Framework

2. How to speak to a CQC inspector

3. Additional resources

Modules cover a whole range of topics including ‘What to do if you don’t understand a question’, ‘How to give opinions’ and ‘How to be confident’.

Sample Module Video

All our modules are video based and presented by Care Research founder, Louie Werth

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What’s Included:


Over 200 audio CQC practice questions

Additional practice tasks and resources

All Questions have been developed by a former CQC inspector with over 20 years of CQC inspection experience.

Examples of audio CQC practice questions included in Care Staff Confidence

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About Care Research

Care Research have trainined thousands of people across England with their #GetCQCReady training days, getting popularity and praise for their clear, engaging and informative presentations.

Following requests from care services, Care Research have now developed a video course especially for care staff to help them understand the new framework and prepare for the new CQC assessment interviews.

‘So much clearer than any of the CQC webinars’

‘Louie is really engaging, really knowledgeable and really practical’

‘I understand the framework so much better now’

‘A really engaging speaker’

‘We now know exactly what we need to do to be ready for our next inspection’

Our training clients include:

Modules in Detail

Module 1: Introducing the new CQC framework.

Module 2: What are Quality Statements?

Module 3: SAFE Quality Statements.

Module 4: EFFECTIVE Quality Statements.

Module 5: CARING Quality Statements.

Module 6: RESPONSIVE Quality Statements.

Module 7: WELL-LED Quality Statements.

Module 8: The benefits of Quality Statements

Module 9: What are ‘Priority’ Quality Statements.

Module 10: What are Evidence Categories?

Module 11: Introducing ‘Feedback from staff and leaders’.

Module 12: ‘Feedback from staff and leaders’ Deep Dive.

Module 13: How will CQC collect evidence?

Module 14: How will CQC score and rate evidences?

Module 15: What are Evidence Category scores?

Module 16: DON’T PANIC!

Module 1: How to speak to a CQC inspector introduction.

Module 2: Why are CQC speaking to me?

Module 3: What if I say something wrong?

Module 4: How to avoid over thinking.

Module 5: Are CQC inspectors scary?

Module 6: How to feel confident.

Module 7:How to give opinions.

Module 8: How to avoid rambling.

Module 9: How to avoid ‘brain freeze’!

Module 10: What if I don’t understand the question?

Module 11: Knowing your rights.

Module 12: How to respond to a CQC phone call.

Module 13: Using scoring language in your answers.

Module 14: Celebrate your successes.

Module 15: How to give opinions (CQC Focus)

Module 16: How to discuss issues and incidents with CQC.

Module 17: When should I raise something with CQC?

Module 18: How to give mixed feedback.

Module 19: Remember to CELEBRATE!

Over 200 audio CQC practice questions organised into each Quality Statement.

That’s 6 audio CQC practice questions for EACH Quality Statement.

All 200 questions available in both a male and female voice.

All Questions have been developed by a former CQC inspector with over 20 years of CQC inspection experience.


Each Quality Statement individually recorded and read out in full.

Additional ‘How to give opinions’ tasks.

Additional ‘How to avoid rambling’ tasks.

Additional ‘Scoring language’ tasks.

Additional ‘Celebration’ tasks.

Additional ‘How to give opinions (CQC focus)’ tasks.

Additional ‘Mixed feedback’ tasks.

Additional ‘Issues and incidents’ tasks.

We believe in this course, and we know you and your staff will find it vital in preparing for CQC.

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If you would like to sample our course including some modules, tasks, and questions, you can sign up for our Free Mini Course